Water Skiing

At Scubalife, we represent, connect, and support water skiers.  Water skiing originated in 1922 when its inventor, Ralph Samuelson, skied across Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota using two boards and a length of clothesline as a towrope.  Today, water skiing has over 20,000,000 participants in the United States alone and is recognized by the United States as an Olympic sport. 

Water skiing is a surface water sport in which a person is pulled behind a boat, skimming over the water on one or two skis. The sport requires a large, relatively smooth stretch of water, skis, rope, a tow boat and the desire for high-speed fun. While people of all ages and sizes can ski, it helps if you are physical fit and have a good sense of balance. Water-skiing is a great opportunity for exercise that people of all skill levels and ages can enjoy as well as an exhilarating adrenaline rush for thrill seekers.

At ScubaLife, we represent, connect, and support water skiers.  We recognize the people that love to get wet and have fun, and it’s our goal to connect people across the world who share a passion for life on the water.   With ScubaLife, we offer our community of passionate water skiers an online portal packed with support information, special discounts, and promotions exclusively for our members who are united by water.  ScubaLife has access to top-notch benefits to grow and sustain your passion for waterskiing.  If your life revolves around the water, then you’re ready to live the ScubaLife brand.