How can I join ScubaLife?

Joining is simple and easy, it can be done on-line and only costs $49.95 per year.

What are the benefits?

ScubaLife is a social platform that provides like-minded water enthusiast to plan, to share, and explore the world associated with the water related activities.  All at the same time receiving discount on everything they like to do…

Can anyone join?

YES!  All you need is a passion to the water.

How do I get a discount from the affiliates?

Simply show your virtual membership card (available on your smart phone) and receive the published discount.

If I join the affiliate partner program, do I have to provide a discount on all my products or services and how much does it cost me?

Affiliate partners are free. We offer four levels of membership and a customizable interface to describe what products or services you are promoting to the membership.  The better the discount, the more predominate your business will be displayed.

I am a Professional Scuba Instructor; do I have to be a NASE instructor to get the insurance?

NO. Provided you meet with the industry's standards and safety practices, this professional liability insurance is open to ALL Instructors in good standing with their agency and a clean teaching record.