Liability Insurance for Dive Instructors

Professional Liability Insurance for ScubaLife Members

As a professional diver, you are attentive to the multiple risks that come with scuba diving.  While scuba diving is a relatively safe hobby with the proper training and the right gear, having a comprehensive dive insurance policy should be the most important piece of equipment you invest in as an instructor.   With dive insurance from ScubaLife you can feel secure knowing that you are fully covered for any contingency.

Feel free to explore the oceans without worry with insurance from ScubaLife.

Securing insurance can be time consuming and confusing.  Since there are numerous risks with diving, the accessibility and cost of coverage can be overwhelming.  As experts in the Scuba diving industry, we know the options professional divers need from their insurance, and it is reflected in our liability insurance package.   Allow our staff to help you understand and navigate your coverage options or use our fast, easy online sign up.  If you are already a ScubaLife member, take advantage of our discounted rates and dive with peace of mind knowing that you are covered with ScubaLife.

Due to changing market conditions our insurance provider has mandated that the price of our insurance policy change from $479 to $625. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this matter please contact our representative direct:

Brian Register 
Insuramerica of Florida
4348 Southpoint Drive Suite # 200
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Office: (904) 332-8585
Cell: (904) 626-0267

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